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One of my “favorite” pastimes, during my blogging periods was to test out various blog clients. Seeing that I am now back in blogging and have changed the blog back-end, I obviously have to test a new client.

From a very basic search on the ‘net it seems that the favorite blog client for Mac’s is ecto, so this is now the first post to my new blog using the ecto client. So far so good, it looks like I can insert links (if the links to ecto in the previous sentences works).

What I haven’t figured out yet, is if I can use this client in offline mode? I guess I’ll find out sooner or later.

Just as a matter of interest; if you guys (and girls) can comment on what is the preferred blog client out there?


4 Responses to “Blog Client”

  1. Joe Says:

    Until recently, I used the web client that was provided by my blog hosting company.

    Now, I’ve started testing Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer with Blogger and WordPress. Seems to work pretty well. One downside is that it automatically resizes images, resulting in a much lower resolution. There may be a way around that, but I have stumbled upon it yet.


  2. nielsb Says:

    Yeah, LiveWriter looks interesting. However I don’t think they have a Mac version yet. As my main environment now is OSX, I’m afraid LiveWriter won’t do much for me.

    On a side note, I see from your web-site you’re doing SQL NS stuff. How do you find the S2K5 version of NS?


  3. jstrate Says:

    I use… easy to use and sort blogs. Articles can be saved (starred) for reading later and has a decent UI for just browsing.

  4. Joe Says:

    SQLNS 2005 offers a good number of improvements over prior versions – some in performance (the vacuumer, matching rules, etc) and flexibility (hostable execution engine, new nmo api, etc), but the most obvious one is in integration into SSMS.

    It’s a good addition to the product, but unfortunately one that’s largely misunderstood in the community.


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