Thoughts about the Apple WWDC and Development for OSX

As a recent Mac convert, I try to follow what goes on in the Mac space through various blogs. The other day I came across this article talking about Apple and its place in the enterprise. The article set me off thinking (steady now, thinking is dangerous).

Anyway, the Apple World Wide Developer Conference took place in beginning of August and I tried to follow the keynote in “real time” by reading various blogs, and afterwards looking at the Quicktime video Apple supplied. The thinking that the article started me on was how different the keynote at WWDC was compared to a keynote at Microsoft PDC (Professional Developers Conference). Listening to the WWDC keynote, IMHO, you wouldn’t know this was the major developer conference for Apple (once again comparing to a PDC). In my opinion, there was very little at the keynote that had anything to do with developers and development; Jobs spoke about iChat and new templates for Apple Mail for god sake. There was only a, very, brief mention about the new XCode version. I would assume that from a developers perspective that would be a very interesting topic. The few things, once again IMHO, that was development related were topics that are very “artsy fartsy” – Core Animation etc.

So where am I going with all this? Well, according to the article above an analyst says that Apple will never be anything else than a niche player in the OS market, especially in the enterprise space. The analyst may be right or wrong about that, and I have no opinion about that particular issue. However, if you want to be a player in the enterprise market, enterprise applications, “bread and butter” apps, should run on and be developed for your platform. I can not see that happening for OSX, a lot of the things you see being developed on and for OSX are more “creative” type of apps. Where are the “boring” database applications, the sales force automation applications, the … applications? Furthermore, where are all the developer forums, newsgroups, hard-core development blogs covering topics related to development on the OSX platform?

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a “creative” platform, but has Apple “painted” itself into a corner with its creativeness, you no longer develop “ordinary”, “boring” enterprise applications for OSX?!

Comments as always very welcome.


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