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CrossOver for Mac (or: Run Windows apps Inside OSX)

September 2, 2006

In previous posts I have written how I have changed over from Windows to Mac OSX, and how I am running OSX as my main OS. I also wrote that I used Parallels as my virtualization environment, so I can run Windows in a Virtual Machine. That works extremely well and I’m doing all my teaching, playing with research of technologies from the VM. The VM is still a bit of an overkill if you just want to run a particular Windows application – say PowerPoint (it is still miles better than having a dual boot system using BootCamp and dual-booting into XP).

Anyway, I no longer have to spin up my VM if I just want to check a slide deck, open a Word document, run some Windows app. Two days ago CodeWeavers launched a beta of their CrossOver for Mac application. This is an application that allows you to run Windows applications from (what looks like) inside OSX. In reality you are running the Windows apps in a sub system using Wine.

I installed it yesterday and promptly installed Office 2003, and it works! I then tried to install other Windows apps – with various degrees of success. This is still a beta and it can only get better – I am really impressed, and if you are on OSX and want to run some Windows app, this is something you should take a look at.