Christmas Presents in the Virtualization World

Last week saw early Christmas for us interested in Virtualization (especially for Mac’s on Intel). Both Parallels and VMWare released betas of their repective products for Mac’s.

I have used Parallels for a while, and their new beta looks very promising. I just installed the VMWare VM, but haven’t had chance to take it for a spin yet. What is interesting with the VMWare beta is support – on the guest – for multi cpu/core machines, as well as 64 bit guest support.

Other than that – Merry Christmas to you all!!!


4 Responses to “Christmas Presents in the Virtualization World”

  1. Joe Says:

    Hi Niels –

    Last fall, I finally garnered enough courage to take the plunge from Windows. My choice, however, was Linux. Now I run Ubuntu as my base operating system and all development and other professional activities take place in Virtual Machines. This method works great (regardless of what the host o/s is) as new VMs can be created, copied, archived, or even disposed of at will.

    Have you found a suitable replacement for Query Analyzer for the non-MS o/s? Sure when I’m at a client I can fire up a VM or even RDP into one of their machines to do what I need in SQL Server. But sometimes it’d be easier to have a quick little QA or Toad like interface that natively works on Linux.



  2. Niels Berglund Says:

    Hi Joe!
    I was seriously contemplating Ubuntu, but at the moment I need certain Mac software for imaging processing, which does not exist on Linux – so I am right now stuck with Mac.

    As for replacements for QA; isn’t there a Toad release for Linux (I was under the impression there was)? If not, you can always write something similar using Mono :-)!


  3. Joe Says:

    I haven’t been able to find a Toad version for Linux; perhaps there is one. I’m going to keep looking.

    I did find something from Aquafold, but haven’t tried it yet.

    I’ve considered the mono idea, but haven’t had the time to delve into that yet.



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    […] and Unity Back in December 2006 I posted how both Parallels and VMWare had released betas of their respective virtualization products for […]

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