VMWare and Unity

Back in December 2006 I posted how both Parallels and VMWare had released betas of their respective virtualization products for Mac OSX. At that time I used Parallels almost exclusively, and I’ve been doing that up until quite recently (actually until VMWare Fusion Beta 3). I have now switched (more or less wholesale) to VMWare Fusion.  Some of the reasons for this:

  • Feels more polished
  • Support for 64-bit guests
  • Support for multi-core on guests

One thing that Parallels has however, that VMWare doesn’t is what they call Coherence. It is the concept of being able to run Windows apps on the Mac desktop as if they are “native” Mac apps. I.e. you don’t run the app inside the VM window, but on the Mac desktop.

Well, VMWare doesn’t have it – yet. Yesterday they released a demo video on YouTube showing off what they call Unity, which is their implementation of the same concept. It is awesome. Have a look:

I so hope VMWare will release a new version with this feature ASAP!!


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