VMWare Fusion Beta 4 Released

Yesterday I posted about a new feature – Unity – in VMWare’s virtualizaton product for Mac; Fusion, and how I wanted to get my “grubby” little hands on it ASAP. Well, lo and behold – VMWare must have heard me, because they released Beta 4 last night!

I have just installed it, I haven’t had time to do anything much apart from checking that my VM’s run in this release; they do. This is good as I am on my way to Boston to teach (writing this on a train, going down to London). It looks though that I won’t be able to use the Unity feature, as – at the moment – it is only available for XP VM’s and all my VM’s are either Win 2003 Server or LongHorn Server. I guess I better set up an XP VM just to check it out.


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