Time for Apple’s WWDC

Next week one of the biggest events for Mac users comes around; the World Wide Developers Conference. As usual for the Mac World a lot of blogs, etc has started speculating what “his greatness” Jobs will reveal.

I guess one thing all agrees on is that it will be a lot of Leopard coverage. However, what it will entail is not that clear. Don’t forget that Steve Jobs at last years WWDC said that Leopard had certain top secrets features that he didn’t want to reveal at that time. Call me a cynical, but I don’t think we’ll see any new features that can be considered top secrets, and Jobs mentioning these “top secrets” was just a cop-out. My personal opinion is that Apple is moving away more and more from the core OS business, just look at the move earlier this year to drop Computers from the name, and that OS development won’t be that important anymore.

Anyway, I certainly hope I’m wrong and that Jobs pulls something really, really cool from his hat. But if he doesn’t, don’t forget I said so :-).

By the way, I really, really want one of the new MacBook Pro’s to replace my MacBook.


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    […] the Apple WWDC keynote earlier today. It very much looks that my predictions were right from my post a couple of days ago. The “top secret” features that were promised during last […]

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