More Traveling Woes

It seems that the last couple of days have not been the best for air traveling in USA. Rich posted this piece a couple of days, and I haven’t had the best of luck either:

I am teaching in Boston this week (starting Monday 11:th) , and I thought it would a good idea to fly into New York on Friday to get a couple of days in the Big Apple, and then go up to Boston on train. Well, flying out from London to Detroit (I was flying NWA) was not a problem, the problems started in Detroit.

I passed immigrations, got my bag from the carousel and handed it over to te baggage handlers to route it through to Newark.  When I came into the NWA lounge in Detroit I saw that my flight was delayed an hour – apparently due to bad weather (this was not exactly true as it later turned out). Well an hour is not too bad, however after a while it came up on the boardds that the flight was even more delayed, and looking at the news channels it turned out that FAA had computer problems on the east coast and most east coast airports had major problems.

Anyway, the departure time for my flight came closer so I left the lounge to get something to read and then go to the gate. I bought my book and was supposed to go to the gate and when I looked at the departure boards my flight came up as cancelled, together with quite a few others for the east coast! Bummer!!!

I went back to the lounge and queued up with everyone else that wanted to know what was going on.  When I finally came to the counter they told me that; yes my flight was cancelled and I was being put up in a hotel for the night. I also was told that I had been rebooked the next day. Not so bad apart from the fact that all direct flghts to the New York area was fully booked, so I was booked Detroit – Albany – Newark, arriving in Newark 4 pm! 19 hours later than originally planned!!

Well, nothing much I could do, so I took the shuttle to the hotel and  crashed. As my bags were “deep in the bowels” of Detroit airport, I could not get my toiletries, or any clothes. My bags, they told me, were routed the same route by the way.

Next morning I went back to the airport, and of course my flight to Albany was delayed, not so much that it would affect me connection in Albany. Eventually I arrived in Albany and started to wait for my flight to Newark. Boarding started eventually and I got on-board first. When I and one other person had boarded the stewardess told us we had to un-board as we were not allowed to take off!!! Apparently the airports in the New York area had too many planes coming in, so they refuse arrivals from nearby airports.

We ended up sitting further three hours in Albany, before we were allowed to take off. I eventually arrived in Newark 21 hours after my originally time. Well, at least I was in Newark so I only had to collec my bags and then get a cab into Manhattan. By now you probably have guessed what happens next; yup, the bags were lost! It also seemed that a couple of other passengers that had been routed the same way as me had lost their bags

So I’m writing this in my hotel in New York Sunday morning, and no one has any idea where my  bags are. Last night I went out and got some clothes and some toiletries, so I at least won’t smell when I start the gig tomorrow morning!!

So, this last few days have not been the best to travel in USA.


One Response to “More Traveling Woes”

  1. Teddy Flaherty Says:

    Well I go to holliday to turkey and I must better look of my travel bags. Thanx for story.Rgds T

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