iPhone Hysteria

Seeing that I am a Mac switcher, you’d have thought that I’d be over the iPhone like a rash. However, I’m not! I just can’t see the point!! From everything I’ve seen and heard it is a gadget with a beautiful UI, and very limited phone capabilities. It sounds like an iPod (admittedly a wide-screen iPod) with a phone thrown in as an afterthought. Can someone please enlighten me?!!!

I wouldn’t mind though having the iPhone as a (like I mentioned before) wide-screen iPod, without the phone stuff, but including the other features, WiFi, etc, etc. … IF it would have a bigger hard-disk than its paltry 8 gig. Heck, my IPod Nano has 8 gig. Well I can dream, can’t I?!


3 Responses to “iPhone Hysteria”

  1. iPhone in UK « managed data Says:

    […] managed data Niels Berglund’s musings about technology and life in general « iPhone Hysteria […]

  2. iphone fan Says:

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  3. Cd220 Says:



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