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SQL Server 2008 R2 August CTP

August 11, 2009

Yesterday I downloaded and installed the August CTP of SQL Server 2008 R2, and today I played around with it for a while. So, what are my impressions…

Well, from a perspective of being a relational dev and internals guy, my immediate response is … “yawn – where is the beef”. I.e, it is not much there, and I doubt we will see much more in coming releases. However, if I were a BI / reporting guy I’d be over the moon, and definitely look forward to future CTP’s! Even if I were a (wait for it …) DBA I would be fairly interested.

I will let you decide for yourself what is interestimg for you, but one thing that is not in the CTP at the moment but is promised (and keeps me interested) is StreamInsight (based on Complex Event Processing). This will be part of SQL Servr 2008 R2. Coming from the financial industry and dealing with message based applications (that’s why I love SQL Server Service Broker), this is something I am really interested in. So, even if you are a T-SQL / internals guy, do not despair – there may be something for us as well.



August 9, 2009

As the saying goes; “It is hard to learn an old dog new tricks”, but…  Even though I am a really old dog, I hope I’ll be able to learn a bit about “social networking”, and therefore I created an account on Twitter a couple of days ago. Hopefully I’l be able to be more active on Twitter than what I’ve been here at the blog :). Well, that should not be too hard, seeing how infrequent I post here.

Anyway, my twitter account is @nielsberglund, so if you are interested you know where to go.