Using F# in SQLCLR

November 18, 2010

Recently I have become very interested in F# and I am at the moment trying to get to grips with it. It is definitely a different beast than C#, but so far I like it – a lot! So to get into it I thought I would combine it with something I have some knowledge about: SQLCLR

Read all about it here.

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SQL Server Denali CTP1 Sux …

November 18, 2010

… from a relational developers perspective.

As you can gather from the title, I am less than impressed by the first CTP of SQL Server Denali, from the viewpoint of a relational developer wanting new features.

You can read all about it here.

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New Blog for managed data

November 18, 2010

So, I have moved my blog again! It is now at: (I will try to keep it there for a while 🙂 ).

The feed is at: I hope to see you over there!!

SQL Server 2008 R2 August CTP

August 11, 2009

Yesterday I downloaded and installed the August CTP of SQL Server 2008 R2, and today I played around with it for a while. So, what are my impressions…

Well, from a perspective of being a relational dev and internals guy, my immediate response is … “yawn – where is the beef”. I.e, it is not much there, and I doubt we will see much more in coming releases. However, if I were a BI / reporting guy I’d be over the moon, and definitely look forward to future CTP’s! Even if I were a (wait for it …) DBA I would be fairly interested.

I will let you decide for yourself what is interestimg for you, but one thing that is not in the CTP at the moment but is promised (and keeps me interested) is StreamInsight (based on Complex Event Processing). This will be part of SQL Servr 2008 R2. Coming from the financial industry and dealing with message based applications (that’s why I love SQL Server Service Broker), this is something I am really interested in. So, even if you are a T-SQL / internals guy, do not despair – there may be something for us as well.


August 9, 2009

As the saying goes; “It is hard to learn an old dog new tricks”, but…  Even though I am a really old dog, I hope I’ll be able to learn a bit about “social networking”, and therefore I created an account on Twitter a couple of days ago. Hopefully I’l be able to be more active on Twitter than what I’ve been here at the blog :). Well, that should not be too hard, seeing how infrequent I post here.

Anyway, my twitter account is @nielsberglund, so if you are interested you know where to go.

Hosting of Code Samples

February 12, 2009

The other day when I posted about the sample how to call a WCF Service from a SQLCLR method, I mentioned that I had no place to host my demo-code. I did not want to create a project on CodePlex (like I did with the SQLCLRProject), as demo code is not really projects per se.

I discussed this with David Reed from Microsoft who is a PM on the SQL Server team, and has a lot to do with overseeing the SQL projects on Code Plex. He mentioned MSDN’s Code Gallery, which is a place where you can create resource pages and upload code for download. So, earlier today I created a new resource page on the Code Gallery, and uploaded the SQLCLR to WCF sample to there. My intention is to upload other SQL Server related samples as well as How-To articles to there.

How-To Article about Calling a WCF Service from SQLCLR

February 8, 2009

I sometimes (not as much as I would like) hang out at some of the user forums where people talk about SQL Server generally and the SQLCLR specifically. Ever so often the question is being asked how to call into a WCF service from SQLCLR (.NET code running inside SQL Server).

The other day I became tired of giving exactly (or thereabout) the same answer for the n:th time, so I decided to croft up some code and write a mini How-To about how to call into a WCF service from SQLCLR. So without any further ado, the How-To article can be found here. I do not have anywhere to host the code yet (my usual hosting place disappeared – don’t ask), so until I decide where to host you can drop me an email if you want to see the code.

Update: I have now created a Resource Page on MSDN’s code gallery, where the sample code for the article can be found. So if you want to get the code, go to here.

New Home for SQLCLRProject

February 7, 2009

About a year ago, I wrote how I were about to re-surrect the SQLCLRProject tool, and in that process I created some new pages for it here at my WordPress blog.

This tool has had some interest, and it seems that quite a few of you are interested in helping out to take it forward. So due to that, and the fact that there are issues where I hosted it for download, I have today created a CodePlex project for it. You can find its new homepage here.

At the moment there are no source code there, just the binaries. I am in the process ofcleaning up the source code, and as soon that is done – I will upload it there as well.

So, go over there and have fun!!

Debugging in SQL Server 2008

July 16, 2008

As good as SQL 2005 was (well, still are), one disappointment was that you needed Visual Studio if you wanted to debug your stored procedures. Seriously, what was MS thinking when they did that, especially as in SQL 2000, Query Analyzer had debug capabilities?!!

Anyway, today I am playing around, errm – doing serious stuff in the RC0 release of SQL Server 2008, and just by coincidence notice that there is a debug menu entry in the toolbar(how blind can one be – I must have been looking at that toolbar quite a few times). So I wrote some T-SQL code, put in a couple of breakpoint and hit Alt + F5, and lo and behold – my bp’s were hit and I could step through the code. I then wrote a very basic stored proc, wrote some code that called the proc, put a bp at the call into the proc and executed. When the execution stopped at the bp I hit F11 and I stepped into the proc – WoHoo!!! Call me sad, but stuff like this make me happy!!

Now, let’s hope that MS will keep this feature in and not pull it at the last minute – anyone remember the XQuery designer in one of the very early SQL 2005 beta’s??

SqlClrProject version 2.6 Released

February 27, 2008

I have just released a new version – 2.6 – of the deployment tool for SQLCLR assemblies. It is a minor release, but it implements some changes that are fundamental for coming versions and also fixes a couple of minor bugs.

The download page for it is here, and if you want general information about what the SqlClr project is, you should go here.